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“We cultivate entrepreneurship. We empower entrepreneurs. We champion Advanced Ayurveda. We formulate, manufacture, and market our products. We promote holistic wellness for all ages. We are a tech-savvy community, collaborating with partners worldwide. Based in India, our mission is to share Ayurveda’s elixir with the world and make its benefits accessible to everyone.”

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"iPulse is a potent fruit juice formulated to boost the immune system and provide antioxidant benefits, promoting overall health and well-being while also slowing down premature aging."
Diabetes Symptoms in Women - Indusviva iCoffee Benefits


"Introducing iCoffee - available in iCoffee Black and iCoffee Cream by Vivaicoffee. Swap your regular coffee for the goodness of iCoffee. Maintain healthy blood sugar levels without compromising on authentic taste."

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"Comprised of a synergistic botanical blend of three herbal extracts renowned for promoting healthy weight management. Suitable for weight reduction, weight maintenance, and even weight gain."
Best skin care product


"iGlow is a distinctive consumable product innovatively crafted to nurture beauty from within and enhance your skin's radiance.
"Learn how to balance your hormones in just one week with IndusViva I-Care. Discover the best solution for hormonal harmony and reclaim your vitality today!


"How should I consume iCare during pregnancy and lactation? iCare, a comprehensive women's wellness product from IndusViva, addresses hormonal imbalance."


"iDwell is a complete wellness solution that provides a variety of scientifically supported gummies designed to promote overall health in a safe and effective manner."

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