I Coffee

iCoffee is a brewed beverage prepared from the roasted seeds of the genus Coffea arabica produced in the mountains of Coorg, Karnataka formulated with Salcital, the clinically validated herb known for its blood sugar fighting properties.


A cup of iCoffee refreshes the mind and supports healthy blood sugar levels. Replace your regular coffee with goodness of iCoffee without compromising the authentic taste of coffee.

Coffee is one of the best-selling commodities in the world because of its energy-boosting properties. It increases your mental alertness and decreases physical fatigue. In today’s world, isn’t it a great option to have an energy-boosting drink that also manages blood sugar? iCoffee may also help in weight management by increasing your feeling of fullness. It increases the amount of High Density lipoprotein(HDL) and reduces Low Density Lipoprotein(LDL).


100% natural blend composed of Salacia reticulata, Coffee beans and Velvet beans


Herbal supplement for holistic management of prediabetes, type 1 and type 2 diabetes


Patented herbal extract from the age-old Ayurveda ingredient Salacia Reticulata/ Ekanayakam


Effectively balances the HDL and LDL ratio for improved metabolism

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